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Purga Em Angola Pdf: A Shocking Account of the 1977 Massacre

Purga Em Angola Pdf: A Shocking Account of the 1977 Massacre

If you are interested in learning more about the history of Angola, you may want to read Purga Em Angola Pdf, a book by Dalila Cabrita Mateus and Ãlvaro Mateus that exposes the brutal repression that took place on May 27, 1977.

Purga Em Angola Pdf

On that day, thousands of people who were suspected of being supporters or sympathizers of a faction within the ruling party MPLA (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola) were arrested, tortured, and killed by the security forces and militias loyal to President Agostinho Neto.

The book, based on extensive research and interviews with survivors and witnesses, reveals the extent and the horror of the violence that has been largely hidden or denied by the Angolan authorities and the international community.

The authors argue that the massacre was not a spontaneous reaction to an attempted coup, as the official version claims, but a planned purge that aimed to eliminate any opposition or dissent within the party and the society.

The book also explores the causes and the consequences of the event, which marked a turning point in the history of Angola and its civil war that lasted until 2002.

Purga Em Angola Pdf is available online as a free ebook in Portuguese. You can download it from various sources, such as WOOK, Open Library, or Scribd.

If you want to learn more about this tragic episode of Angolan history, you should not miss this book. It is a powerful and shocking testimony that will make you rethink what you know about Angola and its people.

The book Purga Em Angola Pdf also sheds light on the role of foreign powers and actors in the events of May 27, 1977. The authors show how the Soviet Union, Cuba, and other socialist countries supported Neto's regime and provided military and political assistance to crush the uprising. They also reveal how the United States, South Africa, and other Western countries exploited the situation to undermine the MPLA and support its rival UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola).

Furthermore, the book exposes the complicity and the silence of many international organizations and media outlets that failed to report or condemn the atrocities committed by the Angolan government. The authors denounce the lack of justice and accountability for the victims and their families, who have been marginalized and forgotten by the Angolan society and the world.

Purga Em Angola Pdf is not only a historical book, but also a human rights book. It is a call for truth, justice, and reconciliation for the people of Angola, who have suffered decades of violence and oppression. It is also a warning for the future generations, who should learn from the past and prevent such crimes from happening again. 0efd9a6b88


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