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Ian Ramirez

Autoformation Can Clip Renault: A Review of the Features and Benefits of the Software

for instance and make a movie of it. this is exactly what dreamscene 7 does for you. if you just click on the movie file and go through the menu, the movie will be recorded. you can make the entire video program or use a clip of the video. in addition, the user will find the option to add the music or sound file. dreamscene 7 supports the audio file type wav, mp3 and wma formats.

Autoformation Can Clip Renault


after that, i also found this software in the dreamscene web site. i have no idea if there is a can-clip pcb, but it is a full version of the can-clip program. the price of this version is still 5 euros. what i have is the original can-clip, but it is a genuine version.

i have also tested the autoformation can clip, but the device is not the v163. i have tried to connect it to my car with a different protocol. the testing result is that the v163 can not connect with can clip, but the autoformation can clip works well. i am a little confused by the working of autoformation.

unlike the kwp protocol, the can protocol is still not quite common. i have tested the autoformation can clip with my car, but it does not work in can protocol, only in the kwp protocol. i am a little disappointed, but it does not matter. for the kwp protocol, the autoformation can clip can only be used to switch the vehicle. the can clip for the car is not very common, so i have only had the chance to test a few of them. now, i can use the can clip to switch electric window, and the can clip for the car will work fine.

the problem is that i do not have enough time to test all cars. in the long term, i will not recommend this can clip for the car. but you are not afraid that you cannot use it, it is not too difficult to do. there are some things that you need to know and not all parts of it.


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