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THE LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION - That is costing business owners $100,000's and they don't even know about it...

There is a seismic shift happening in Leadership right now – a rebellion against the age-old tyranny of outdated leadership norms.

No longer will the younger generations bow to the whims of archaic bosses brandishing the carrot and stick, ruling through fear and coercion.

The days of command and control are dwindling, giving way to a profound shift towards leaders who lead with compassion, empathy, and humanity.

This isn't merely a change in management style; it's a seismic upheaval in values and ethos, it's a scream from the top of their voices for a new era of leadership, a new approach, one that champions the rights and dignity of every individual. If we don't hear this scream, we, the business owners and managers right now, are the ones that will suffer and pay the price for our ignorance.

Young people are disenchanted with the status quo, and they are taking a stand. They are leaving toxic, oppressive workplaces in search of teams, workplaces and Leaders where they are cherished, nurtured, equipped and empowered to thrive.

This is where we are seeing the Leadership Revolution happen right now. In the constant and never ending churn of people leaving jobs and trying on new ones.

But it's more than not merely a job, they are seeking a workplace that will provide them with a sense of belonging, a workplace that resonates with their values and fosters their growth, somewhere they can thrive, develop and demonstrate their full potential. They refuse to settle for anything less than a culture where their voices are heard, their contributions valued, and their potential unleashed.

I call this the Goldilock effect, as young professionals try on jobs and test the workplace and Leadership team. They are seeking the workplace that feels just right – a place where they belong, where they are valued, and where they can thrive. We all know there are lots of jobs out there, there are lots of bowls of porridge that they can go and try and taste.

But who is paying for all this porridge tasting? - You are, the business owner... you are paying for it in your constant re-recruiting of team members.

I had a business owner reach out to me the other week and share this with me...

They told me how they had taken on this young person, how awesome they work in their 6 month probation period. How this young person was a diamond in the rough. It came to the end of the probation period and the business owner was ready to offer the young person a full time position, they had the contract all ready, even had a pay-rise to offer too. The young person entered their office and immediately said "Thanks for the last 6 months, I have enjoyed it here, but it's not quite what I am looking for" - that young person then left.

As you can imagine, the business owner was not happy. I would say he was incandescent with rage when I spoke to him, he was fuming, ranting and raving about how "entitled" these little pricks (his words, not mine) were and why did he even bother giving this young person a job. Then he told me about how much the whole process had cost him and that now he was back at square one and would have to pay for the whole process again.

So I asked him, what had he provided for this young person? The response was what I expected and the same response I get from a lot of business owners who have experienced this (and there are lots and lots).

He told me that he had given him a job, trained him to a level where he could do the job competently and safely. The young person had even been provided with certificated training that he could use in other industries. And then I asked him, what else did you give him.... other than the bare minimum?

He was not happy with that question and proceeded to repeat what he had just told me. I let him finish to see if he had missed anything, and the only thing he added was a good hourly wage.

This is the problem, the younger generation are hungry, they want more, they want more responsibility, they want more knowledge. Yes, they think that the workplace is like playing "Donkey Kong" (showing my age now) and that they will level up every week. But, they are hungry, and just giving them the bare minimum will not retain them.

We have to challenge them, we have to Lead them, we have to see their potential and unlock it in stages. We have to be emotionally intelligent and connect with them. This is Leadership, this is what is missing in so many workplaces right now... and because it is missing... it is costing businesses, it creates toxic workplace cultures and it drives disruption, resentment, which results in gossip, the "them vs us" (bosses vs workforce) mindset and sets up the "bare minimum" mindset that we are seeing across the majority of workplaces today.

But the repercussions of poor leadership echo far beyond the workplace. They reverberate through families, fracturing relationships, sowing seeds of doubt and discontent. Children raised in the shadow of toxic leadership bear the scars, carrying the burden of their parents' stress, frustrations and anguish into their own lives and communities.

In Australia, studies have shown that children of parents experiencing workplace stress are more likely to exhibit disruptive behavior in school (source: Australian Institute of Family Studies). Arguments at home, fueled by the strain of toxic workplaces, spill over into the lives of children, disrupting their education and emotional well-being.

This disruption creates a ripple effect in schools, as teachers and administrators struggle to manage the fallout, diverting precious time and resources away from providing quality education to all students. Limited funds earmarked for educational initiatives are diverted to address the challenges posed by disruptive behavior, leaving less for essential programs and support services.

Future pacing this scenario paints a bleak picture for the future workforce. As these children grow into young adults, their experiences shaped by toxic workplaces and strained family dynamics may influence their choices and behaviors.

Without intervention, we risk perpetuating a cycle of dysfunction, with low-educated individuals entering the workforce, ill-equipped to navigate the complexities of modern society.

Yet, amidst this chaos, there are a handful of Leaders who are Leading the change, who have the courage to stand up. Leaders who are audacious enough to break the mold, who champion the cause of people-centric leadership, who hold the key to transformative change. They create workplaces of compassion and respect, where individuals are not just workers but cherished members of a unified family.

In conclusion, as we reflect on the paradigm shift we are seeing in our workforce, in our recruitment and eventually, in our leadership, one question begs to be asked: What is your leadership style?

Do you dismiss this movement as mere rhetoric, dismissing the notion of leading with love and humility as bullshit and impractical idealism?

If so, consider this: leading with love isn't about rainbows and lollipops; it's about strength and resilience. It takes courage to embrace vulnerability, to acknowledge our flaws and shortcomings, and to empower those around us.

So, I challenge you to take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself: Are you part of the old-school, toxic leadership that so many are rebelling against? Or are you willing to embrace a new way of leading – one that prioritises people over profits, compassion over control?

The choice is yours. Will you continue to cling to outdated notions of leadership, or will you join the revolution and lead with love? The future of your team, your business, and our society as a whole depends on your answer.

Are you ready to upskill and move to a more people centric Leadership style?

Yes? if can get all the skills you need in just 6 months. I train Leadership teams and individual Leaders in the Human Behavioural, Emotional Intelligence skills that are essential to be a Leader in the modern day workplace.

Your Leadership matters, don't let yourself or others down anymore.

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