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Wesley Cooper
Wesley Cooper

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the anthropology of early humans faces a major challenge. despite the advent of molecular biology and the collection of great amount of material, only a few sites of early human evolution have been found and described. the material is scattered and is usually fragmentary and fragmentary. furthermore, the available evidence is biased, in that the focus is on the so called modern human populations. hence, much of the available data concerns the late pleistocene and early holocene in eurasia.

Aci 315 08 42.pdf

the stable isotope approach provides a new perspective on the history of this time period. stable isotope analyses can be extended to a new type of sample, such as a tooth or bone. they can be combined with other data such as the fossil record, tool technologies and also molecular data. stable isotope analyses can help to identify changes in humans' diets, understand the early use of technologies such as fire and adornments, and to determine the lifestyle of different groups of early humans.

working with new populations has revealed new insights. for example, genetic analyses of early upper palaeolithic sites such as the acheulian site of ohalo and the mousterian site of jebel irhoud have produced unexpected results that have shed new light on the early evolution of anatomically modern humans and the emergence of technological cultural behaviors.

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