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Coaching Services and Programs

Start enhancing your business outcomes and undergo transformational leadership with Steve Barker. The leadership programs and courses are delivered through various platforms that specifically tailored to align with your specific needs. Every training, every program and every presentation is uniquely designed for you to get you the best outcomes.


Steve believes that leaders can be equipped and empowered to overcome any Leadership obstacle in any business. "Leadership is Teachable"
The common business problems of culture clashes, ineffective communication, team dynamics, and internal conflict are addressed in all of Steve's leadership courses. With every session looking to resolve and provide direction for participants so that they can return to their business / team and start implementing and resolving the problems in their workplace, thus creating a more harmonious, productive workplace culture.

Professional Personal Development for Teams

Seize the Opportunity


Keynote Speaking Consultation

Get Ready to Take Action

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Executive Coaching Session

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1-on-1 Leadership Coaching - Small Group Leadership Coaching

Growth and Development

Executive Coaching Session
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1-on-1 Training

Build the foundations

of Great Leadership

12 Pillars

If you’re a general manager, team manager, business owner, a CEO/COO, a decision maker of any sort, the 12 Pillars of Audacious Leadership program can help you develop and refine your foundational leadership skills.


What are foundational leadership skills?
12 Pillars of Audacious Leadership focus on the foundational skills that every great leader must know, understand and use daily which will in turn encourage growth and success in any team.


Undertaking the 12 Pillars of Audacious Leadership program creates resilient, authentic, respectable leaders who are equipped and empowered to conquer those modern day difficult business obstacles that are constantly popping up and hindering success.

Determining success in business isn’t luck or chance. It’s the repeated execution of foundational skills in Leadership business decisions every day. The program covers conflict, communication, stress, goal setting, systems, misalignment. The 12 Pillars of Audacious Leadership frameworks and strategies are designed for decision makers to implement swiftly, take control and determine their own success.

Build better habits. Become empowered. Overcome leadership difficulties. Navigate Success. Read more about the 12 Pillars of Audacious Leadership here.

Coaching Style

Steve takes a very direct approach to coaching for executives, leaders, and managers in his training session and courses. Each session works through steps of identifying the problem, addressing it’s aspects, and the appropriate skills to be applied. After assessing these needs, Steve begins delivering the education and training components.

It’s a no-fluff approach to training, so decision makers can get back to work and start resolving their problems as soon as possible.

Clients approaching Steve for coaching are looking for guidance within their personal development as a leader, and their organisation’s development. The programs and courses created are built on years of experience and research working with businesses to begin solving their issues.

You can read more about Steve’s approach to coaching on the about page, covering his military tenure and organisational training experience.

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