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Free Leadership Resources

Find resources including framework documents, training videos, and tips that Steve Barker has released for free. These resources are designed to be self-guided, insightful materials for you to build upon as you develop into leadership and management roles. Dive into the material to find out more.

Got questions relating to management skills? Looking for more in-depth leadership training? Head over to the services page to see what’s on offer or reach out via the contact page to send your query.

Tips & Tricks

How can I resolve conflict in the work place?

No matter how friendly or understanding your employees may be, conflict is always a possibility in the workplace. 

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How can I become a better leader?

While there are a lot of things that can help businesses succeed, strong leadership is at the top of that list.

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5 Steps to Lead Others

If you are going to get the most out of your employees, then it is important to understand the qualities that make for a good leader and how that applies to yourself.

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How can I foster a positive workplace culture?

This is one of the biggest challenges for leaders. They must understand that employees will go toward the negative quickly, especially if joined in chorus.

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The Audacious Leadership Facebook group is another resource library where you can source insights, hints, tips, hacks, videos and learnings that will help to enhance your Leadership Skills. 

The group is a safe place where like minded Leaders hang out and share their wisdom.

Join it now by clicking the image or here - Audacious Leadership Facebook Group

Self Guided Resources

Testimonial - RAW Leadership
Introduction & The Power of Leadership Coaching

Introduction & The Power of Leadership Coaching

Steve Barker is a highly experienced leader dedicated to serving his country and now empowering others through his Leadership and Professional Personal Development Coaching Business. With 26 years in the Royal Air Force, and over 10 years in the Civil Sector, he possesses a wealth of leadership knowledge, wisdom, and strategies. Bringing a global perspective from living worldwide, Steve incorporates diverse cultural experiences into his coaching. He emphasises authenticity, confidence, and integrity as essential qualities in leadership and guides clients in their development in these areas. Steve bases all of his Leadership Coaching models and frameworks around fact based, and evidence based models of Human Behaviour. People centric himself, Steve truly understands the need to Lead people through connection, understanding and curiosity. This is why he has developed and written over 25 modules of that equip and empower his clients to be emotionally intelligent, effective, authentic and strong Leaders, who are then able to go on and grow strong, empathetic, people centric and growth orientated workplace cultures. Steve is able to deliver his Leadership Coaching worldwide and is not geographically tied to any area. As a lifelong learner, Steve stays updated on the latest leadership techniques and strategies. He evolves his coaching methods to remain current, ensuring his clients receive relevant and up to date guidance. By staying at the forefront of leadership development, he equips clients with effective tools for success. Through his Leadership and Professional Personal Development Coaching Business, Steve empowers individuals to become authentic, confident, and integrity-driven leaders. He provides the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary for effective leadership. Nominated as one of the top 5 Coaches in Australia in 2019 and also as a Crow Award Finalist for Excellence in Micro Business 2023, Steve is working with businesses such as: Bendigo Bank Wagga City Council Subway Riverina Local Land Services RuleThirteen Austrak Aurizon Steve is also a certified Maxwell Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Public Speaker. If you would like to discover how Steve can help you grow your Leadership Skills, Confidence and be authentically you in your Leadership ... please contact him. For further information about Steve and to see some of his testimonials please check out the links below: #leadership #stevebarker #RAWLeadership #leadershipdevelopment #leader #inspiration #mindset #entrepreneurship #management #personaldevelopment #businessowner #leaders #fypage

Ready for More?

When you're ready to take on the next task step for your leadership growth, see our services or book a session with Steve Barker.

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