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Modern Day Leadership

What is the new balance?
Modern Day Leadership

There will be some of you reading this who will agree with this statement and there will be some of you who strongly disagree...

The difference between the two is the generational mindset.

As a Leadership Coach I experience this gap over and over again...

It is very easy to identify because the workplace culture is so massively different.

One is inclusive, fun, engaging, initiative driven and committed to growth and development.

The other is functional, structured, outcome orientated, performance driven and managed.

One has great loyalty and no retention problems.

The other does have retention issues and blames the millennial mindset.

One believes that work place training should benefit their team both professionally and personally.

The other believes that any work place training should be solely for the purpose of getting better outcomes in the workplace.

The difference is driven by the Leadership...

One is vulnerable, open, integrated and is a Leader.

The other is money focused, my way or the highway, fixed mindset and is a Boss.

Being a Leader is a tricky role, however, it is made much easier when you understand the patterns of human behaviour and can fully understand those around you.

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