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I'm Tired... of poor Leadership

Poor Leadership is exhausting - Steve Barker - RAW Leadership
Tired of poor Leadership

People are tired of shit Leadership...

This is why they keep leaving your team...

This is why you blame them rather than looking at the real problem.

This is why you say that they're "entitled", "lazy", "self-centered" and all the other words you use to describe this younger generation...

You do this, because it could never be your fault...

Because you're the boss, you own the business, and they should be grateful that you're giving them the job...

It's got nothing to do with your Leadership skills or the lack of them...

It's because they're soft, weak, have no backbone... And wouldn't know a hard day's work if it smacked them between the eyes...

It's not you, it's them... Because it was never like this when you were their age.

You had to earn your right to be where you are today and you're helping them do the same... It will be good for them to have a Boss like you... You hero.

Well no, I am here to help you see that you're a dinosaur, and you will face extinction if you don't evolve.

The good news is that IF you want to survive, and get your team and business back on track... You can.

This is what I do, I pull dinosaur Business owners, Bosses, Managers and Supervisors back from the edge of extinction...I help them to become Leaders - Because Leadership is teachable.

However, the student must want to learn... And there lies the problem.

Most dinosaurs don't believe they're the problem until it's too late.

Don't be one of those people... Be smart, see the signs and take action... Or be dead like the dinosaurs or the DoDo, who also failed to adapt to the changing environment.


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