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A team of Leaders, would that really work?

A team of Leaders, would that really work?
What is Leadership - Steve Barker - RAW Leadership

I recently had a conversation with a business owner who has a team of approximately 30 people and I asked what they did for Leadership development and training.

They responded "my Leadership skills are very strong and I feel confident and comfortable in my Leadership role"...

Then I enquired about the rest of the team, mentioning that a Team of Leaders are a powerful, unstoppable force.

Their response was "how can you have a team of Leaders, especially if the team are deployed on different jobs on different days based on external circumstances and skill sets.

This was my response...

"100% it is possible.

A Leader is someone who is able to influence another person.

A highly skilled and well trained Leader will nearly always make the right decision for the greater good and betterment of the entire team.

On the odd occasion that they get it wrong, another Leader will step up to correct that decision, because they are also aligned with and believe in the overall outcome.

Because great Leaders have humility, and know that they are not always right and that it's not about being right, they will gladly accept the insight and influence of others. However, they will always be driving towards the greatest outcome for the team.

Leadership is a skill that is enhanced by personality. The role in which that person is deployed will make no difference... Because they'll still be able to think on their feet, make strong informed decisions that will be aligned with the values of the business, the desired outcome and what's best for the team.... And in this case, the team is your client or patient.

Even more, the Leadership skills I share are all about Human Behaviour, so there is better understanding of each other, more tolerance, more communication, less blame, gossip and toxicity between team members. Client relationships are enhanced and team members know that each other have their backs. This all goes to creating a workplace culture where people will want to be and will want to uphold, because it's safe, engaging and caring. Retention is high and recruitment is only necessary as the business expands.

The professional skills of each team member / leader is what will determine who does what, when. But as long as you see Leaders as an elite few people in your team you're really limiting and capping the potential of your team, business and the level of care to your clients."

That response sparked a new perspective and thought pattern in that business owners mind.

I have these types of conversations on a daily basis. Because most business owners, Exec's and Leaders think their Leadership skills are good enough, they are confident in what THEY do and how THEY go about it, so THEY'RE ok... Which means that their team must be.

However, with that perspective there is only one person doing the thinking, the driving and setting the direction, everyone else, regardless of potential or skill set must follow... It's a very limiting factor in any business. It's also a very archaic way to Lead... What we are describing here is "Bossing".

The Boss, will have a few Supervisors and Managers to help them run the team, but everyone will still need to "tow the line".

Leadership, true Leadership is about people and unlocking the potential within them and providing a space for them to flourish.

A book called A Team of Leaders by Paul Gustavson and Stewart Liff sums this up in their summary - "A Team of Leaders: Empowering Every Member to Take Ownership, Demonstrate Initiative, and Deliver Results"

Now look at your team and put your vision of your team and your business through the lens of what I have just described... Can you see how powerful, unstoppable a Team of Leaders can be?

This is the Leadership Revolution I am talking about so often... We all need to change our old school mindset, belief and thought patterns around Leadership... Because the younger generation have already and they hold the power, the bargaining chips and they are the future... We either evolve or dissolve.

So, what are you doing to develop and grow your Leadership? (and just in case you still think I am only referring to YOUR Leadership skills... I am not).

Steve Barker




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