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Leadership is diverse

Being a Leader means having a lot of skills in a lot of areas and these are just the main ones.

I was coaching a Leader in my executive coaching program the other day and they said to me...

"does it ever stop, I never knew that Leading others would be such hard work?"

I answered them honestly and said "No"

"How do you deal with it then?" he asked.

I went on to explain that it is like a game, and in the game I have to stay 2 or 3 steps ahead of the problems and the team...

I shared how I do this, which is constantly learning, growing, developing my Leadership skills.

In the 30+ years I have been a Leader, there has not been a week that has gone by where I have not learnt or discovered something new about human behaviour, leadership or business.

This is the key to staying ahead of the game.... and when you take your foot off that learning accelerator, you can bet your bottom dollar, you will notice a few weeks later.

If you are not committed to constantly learning, upskilling, growing, developing and investing in your own development.... there is no way you will be a Leader.... at best you will be one of the obsolete, archaic, dying out dinosaurs that are referred to as bosses, managers or supervisors.

Find someone or a source where you can learn from and be constantly upskilling, upgrading and growing your Leadership Skills and then you can proudly call yourself a Leader.

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