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Steve Barker Leadership Coaching

An Advocate for Leaders at Every Level.

Conquer Internal Team Conflict

Steve Barker is an experienced and accomplished Professional Leadership and Executive Coach based in Australia, helping professionals develop as Leaders and grow their organisations. From CEOs to team leaders, Steve’s unique approach not only guides decision makers through workplace obstacles, but also teaches foundational skills to handle future hardship.

Learning how to become a better Leader and what it means to be a leader is at the heart of Steve’s coaching approach. With a focus on leadership development, smart decision-making, and creative problem solving, people centric solutions and effective conflict resolution, the training provided develops upon a leader’s skills for success in the workplace, and even more, to create a safe, engaging, thriving workplace culture.

Steve provides key services for all Leaders to develop their skills and grow themselves and their teams. He creates tailored programs for team building sessions, leadership and management trainings, executive coaching sessions, keynote speaking consultation. 

His programs and training sessions are specifically tailored for decision makers in organisations to grow and succeed in business. Through these management programs, Steve has created a professional community of resilient, successful, and aspirational leaders since 2000. Steve’s clients speak for themselves. Watch their reviews of his leadership coaching programs and training sessions.


Executive Coaching Session


1-on-1 Training

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12 Pillars of Conscious Leadership

Become an Empowered Leader

What is Leadership Coaching?

Clients of Steve Barker commonly encounter a business problems such as... How do I connect with my team authentically? How do I improve the retention of team members? How can I resolve conflict? How do I stop gossip? How can I do better, I feel like an imposter? How can I reduce the stress of being a Leader and a business owner?

These are just some of the questions Steve encounters when meeting his clients

Leadership Coaching is the process of identifying issues within the individual or within the organisation that are inhibiting growth and productivity, then rectifying it. This includes communication, relationships, internal culture, systems, and processes. But how do you begin to approach complex personal and organisational issues? Step by step.

How Steve Barker Can Help

Leadership in it's Rawest form is Influence. To be able to influence someone effectively you need to know them and understand them. 

Through understanding patterns of Human Behaviour, you will be able to know and predict how someone, or a team, will react to certain circumstances. Even more you will be able to connect with them authentically and build that trust quickly.
It is then when you have that 2 or 3 step head-start and only then can you effectively Lead them and positively influence them.

The goal of every training and coaching session is to give the participant the understanding of a human behavioural model, then calibrate the strategies, tools and skills needed to implement these in their workplace and then resolve those day to day workplace issues that very often go unanswered and cause so much chaos and turmoil.

That is what leadership coaching is and this is what Steve Barker has been sharing for over 35 years. Read more about his background and experience here.

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Success Stories

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Testimonial - RAW Leadership
Introduction & The Power of Leadership Coaching

Introduction & The Power of Leadership Coaching

Steve Barker is a highly experienced leader dedicated to serving his country and now empowering others through his Leadership and Professional Personal Development Coaching Business. With 26 years in the Royal Air Force, and over 10 years in the Civil Sector, he possesses a wealth of leadership knowledge, wisdom, and strategies. Bringing a global perspective from living worldwide, Steve incorporates diverse cultural experiences into his coaching. He emphasises authenticity, confidence, and integrity as essential qualities in leadership and guides clients in their development in these areas. Steve bases all of his Leadership Coaching models and frameworks around fact based, and evidence based models of Human Behaviour. People centric himself, Steve truly understands the need to Lead people through connection, understanding and curiosity. This is why he has developed and written over 25 modules of that equip and empower his clients to be emotionally intelligent, effective, authentic and strong Leaders, who are then able to go on and grow strong, empathetic, people centric and growth orientated workplace cultures. Steve is able to deliver his Leadership Coaching worldwide and is not geographically tied to any area. As a lifelong learner, Steve stays updated on the latest leadership techniques and strategies. He evolves his coaching methods to remain current, ensuring his clients receive relevant and up to date guidance. By staying at the forefront of leadership development, he equips clients with effective tools for success. Through his Leadership and Professional Personal Development Coaching Business, Steve empowers individuals to become authentic, confident, and integrity-driven leaders. He provides the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary for effective leadership. Nominated as one of the top 5 Coaches in Australia in 2019 and also as a Crow Award Finalist for Excellence in Micro Business 2023, Steve is working with businesses such as: Bendigo Bank Wagga City Council Subway Riverina Local Land Services RuleThirteen Austrak Aurizon Steve is also a certified Maxwell Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Public Speaker. If you would like to discover how Steve can help you grow your Leadership Skills, Confidence and be authentically you in your Leadership ... please contact him. For further information about Steve and to see some of his testimonials please check out the links below: #leadership #stevebarker #RAWLeadership #leadershipdevelopment #leader #inspiration #mindset #entrepreneurship #management #personaldevelopment #businessowner #leaders #fypage