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Steve Barker is a Leadership and Executive Coach based in Australia, helping professionals develop as leaders and grow their organisations. From CEOs to team managers, Steve’s unique approach not only guides decision makers through workplace obstacles, but also teaches foundational skills to handle future hardship.

Learning how to become a better leader and what it means to be a leader is at the heart of Steve’s coaching approach. With a focus on leadership development, smart decision-making, and creative problem solving, the training provided develops upon a business leader’s skills for success in the workplace.

Steve provides key services for business owners, executives, and managers to develop their skills and improve their workplace cultures. As well as designing and conducting bespoke sessions of team building exercises, leadership and management training, executive coaching sessions, keynote speaking consultation, and conscious leadership. 

His programs and training sessions have been tailored for decision makers in organisations to grow and succeed in business. Through these management programs, Steve has created a professional community of resilient, successful, and aspirational leaders since 2000. Steve’s clients speak for themselves. Watch their reviews of his leadership coaching programs and training sessions.

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What is Leadership Coaching?

Clients of Steve Barker commonly encounter a business obstacle or period of hardship that has stumped them in how to approach a solution. How can I be a better communicator? How can I build team culture to encourage productivity and growth? What steps do I take to encourage team cohesion? How can I train resilient and resolute managers?

These are just some of the questions Steve encounters when meeting his clients and why they reached out in the first place. 

Leadership Coaching is the process of identifying issues within the individual or the organisation that are inhibiting growth and productivity, then rectifying it. This includes communication, relationships, internal culture, systems, and processes. But how do you begin to approach complex personal and organisational issues? Step by step.

How Steve Barker Can Help

Steve Barker’s approach to solving business hinderances begins with the leaders and decision makers. Identifying the goals of the business and the individual, where they are as a leader, and how their team performs. Based on years of experience, Steve applies or creates coaching and training sessions to develop foundational leadership skills. Whether this is between himself and the decision makers, their team, or all together.

The goal of every training and coaching session is to give the participant the tools and skills needed to resolve their workplace issues. That is what leadership coaching is about and what Steve Barker has been providing with over 25 years of leadership experience. Read more about his background and experience here.

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Bespoke & Custom Leadership Training

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Leadership Coaching is also for internal managers and team leaders wanting to increase productivity in the workplace, foster a healthy internal culture, reduce conflict and inefficiencies.

Working with Steve, you will uncover the nature of the organisational issues preventing growth for you, your team, and business. Steve’s approach is based on years of military and private sector experience. 

If you have any questions reach out to Steve.