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UNIGINE Valley Benchmark 3.10 Download Pc =LINK=

now that you have the hardware you would like to overclock, let's find out how to overclock. windows overclocking allows you to program the system to perform better than normal. it is enabled through a separate utility: "power options". find the section that says "high performance" in the "power options" section, and then select the advanced tab. there you will find a slider that controls the "c states". leave this set to 1 for the rest of the tutorial.

UNIGINE Valley Benchmark 3.10 download pc


go to "start" --type "msinfo32"--enter. this will display information about your computer, including the available bandwidth. if you see something like this: "processor--- 3.6ghz, 4.7ghz, 4.5ghz " or something with a decimal, that means you have 3.6ghz enabled. if you want to enable 4.2ghz, you need to change the decimal in the "processor" field to 4, as shown in the screenshot. then you need to use the slider to move the "c states" slider to 0.

although the integrated gpu is not clocked higher than the 1060, the additional high frequency memory type supports the use of higher frequencies. even so, i had to push the gpu memory to its limit with both ghost recon: wildlands and wepa wars and the tx gs was not stable over the whole duration of the benchmarks. generally, the benchmarking is relatively short, only showing the most important information for about 60 minutes. this is why it's so important for the average user. if you're constantly calculating images, directx,.., it won't be a problem.

which is comparable in price and performance to the rtx 2060 super founders edition. the 2060 super strike is available for 119 usd at, while the rtx 3060 super founders edition you must buy directly from nvidia goes for 169 usd.


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