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Arseny Fists

The Bandit Lovers

Regardless of how you choose to deal with the young lovers, head back to Blackwater to meet with Horley, who will send you to meet with Marshal Tom Davies for your next mission, Where Your Morals Lead You.

the Bandit Lovers

(I am going to treat this second sentence immediately above asmeaning that for people to regard the number of bandits as beingexcessive isnot for people to regard the number of people as being excessive. Iwill regard the third sentence as meaning that people desire toeliminatebandits, and so forth. I will summarize this behavior by saying thatnormalpeople detest bandits.)

By examining the truth table above we can see that both verbalformulations amount to the same thing. It is impossible to make a truestatement that asserts, one way or another, that bandits are nothumans.

The set "bandit" must consist of elements all of which bearthespecial characteristics of bandits, and they must also bear all of thecharacteristics of human beings. An analogous set diagram would have"mushrooms" where "bandits" is written, and "toadstools" where "humans"is written. Since it is easier to be dispassionate about fungi, let itbe noted at this point that for all mushrooms, to eat a mushroom is toeat a toadstool, but that only some toadstools are the non-poisonousones we call mushrooms. So while we ordinarily say that humans eatmushrooms, it is nevertheless true that in eating a mushroom one isalso eating a kind of toadstool. Similarly, although one may do certainthings only to bandits, whatever one does to any bandit is also done toa human being because bandits are also elements of that larger set.When a person becomes a bandit, he or she does not lose the status of humanbeing.

Just as (some) human beings eat mushroom but avoid eatingotherkinds of toadstools, (some) human beings may kill bandits but avoidkilling other kinds of human beings. However, that statement is not theequivalent of what the MoZi actually says. The last three statements that arerecorded are wrong, and the Mo Zi intends to demonstrate that they are wrong.

The only way that statements 2, 3, and 4 could be correctwould beif there were some set of individuals called "bandits" that were nothuman beings. Perhaps these "bandits" would be raccoons, baboons, orsome extraterrestrial creature. But statement 1 says that bandits arehuman beings.

The "Xiao Qu" chapter is generally regarded not to have beenwrittenby Mo Zi himself, but to have been written by members of a youngergeneration who worked in or associated themselves with his school. MoZi taught jian aior"universal love," and maintained that it is not good for individualmembers of any society to discriminate in any way against othermembers. He would not say, "To love a bandit is not to love a humanbeing." Instead, he would say, "To fail to love a bandit is to fail tolove a human being."

Fearing that she will become like Cora and seek revenge against Snow, Regina summons Cora's old mentor Rumplestiltskin, who gives Regina a magic looking-glass. The next day, Regina's wedding day, Cora visits Regina before the wedding and advises her to be the dominant ruler in the marriage and show the people where the power lies. However, Regina says that she doesn't want to become like Cora, and pushes her mother through the looking-glass, sending her to Wonderland. Ironically, Regina - who discovers that she enjoys using magic - becomes just like Cora. Regina learns dark magic from Rumplestiltskin, and eventually embraces her dark side. She arranges Leopold's demise, then she attempts to have Snow assassinated. Snow becomes a bandit on the run and Regina is labelled as the Evil Queen all across the Enchanted Forest. Regina accepts the title of Evil Queen, and continues hunting down Snow White with the intent of avenging Daniel. Regina eventually manages to obtain an apple with a sleeping curse embedded in it, and gets Snow to take a bite out of it, causing Snow to fall into a sleep-like death. Regina believes that she has won, until Snow's true love Prince David breaks the sleeping curse with true love's kiss. This pushes Regina to the point where she then casts the Dark Curse, that engulfs most of the Enchanted Forest, sending everyone to a town called Storybrooke.

Regina notes that she was abandoned by her mother. After accidentally being responsible for the death of James, her stepmother Snow White seeks revenge on her. Regina becomes a bandit in the woods, and falls in love with Robin Hood, who is engaged to Zelena. However, Regina is killed by Rumplestiltskin.

Rory has a friendly personality as seen when she immediately became friends with Yōji Itami and started sitting on his lap. However, she shows no mercy to her enemies as seen when she slaughtered a gang of bandits without any remorse. In battle, she is shown to have a violent, sadistic personality, as shown by killing the last bandit after he buried a pair of dead raped women, however, she is not without a sense of justice, often targeting bandits and criminals, while generally friendly towards the common people. After the two of them fight alongside each other at the Battle of Italica, Rory becomes friendly with Shino Kuribayashi, who shares a similar "warrior" mentality and high level of combat prowess with Rory. Rory seems to rather want to help the people in need, and get rid of the ones that are of clans such as bandits.

Rory is first shown wandering around the desert where she meets a gang of bandits. She heard their plans about attacking the refugees from Coda, so without any remorse she slaughtered every last one of them, forcing the last one to Bury the bandit group's victims, killing him after praying. Sometime later, she appears walking alone on the road the Third Recon Team was taking to evacuate the city of Coda, surrounded by ravens. Rory becomes intrigued by the Humvee being driven by Youji, and decides she wants to ride in it as well. Unfortunately, she decides to sit in his lap, while he's driving.

After significant arguing, they reach a compromise of sharing the seat, with Itami nearly hanging partway out of the vehicle. She travels with the wagon train in this fashion until the Flame Dragon attacks the convoy. She aids the Third Recon in fending it off. Rory accompanies Third Recon back to Alnus Hill along with the refugees, and joins the group that travels to Italica. Although she keeps out of the political aspect of the goings-on there, she is happy to assist in the city's defense against bandits and is instrumental in holding the city until reinforcements from the JSDF arrive to drive off the attacking force.

Kassandra rescued Timotheos from the bandits at Mycenae. Aterwards Kassandra had to deal with Hypatos, the murderer of Diokles, by either killing him, paying him, or killing The Monger publicly. After dealing with Hypatos, Kassandra has the option of dating one of the two brothers, or decline both offers.

The Song is unique not only in featuring as its protagonists a couple both desirous and in love, but also in offering a romantic vision of love. Romance is more than the lineaments of gratified desire. Romance transforms the way lovers look at the world around them; suddenly the whole world becomes more beautiful, more vibrant, more wonderful. This is what the lovers in the Song of Songs experience. Nature in all its glory reflects and participates in their mutual delight, and everything is felt more intensely. If we did not possess the Song, we might safely assume that people in biblical times fell in love, as people do, but we would not know how they felt about it, or dreamed about it, or envisioned its possibilities. 350c69d7ab


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