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Eai Integration Object To Xml Hierarchy Converter In Siebel

Therefore if there is a need to manipulate all the line items, as well as their attributes, the vanilla solution that we found later comes to the rescue. I will not be providing all the details on input and output parameters here, as you can always check them in the Web Channel Pricing Driver Workflow, which provides an example of how to convert an instance of an integration object to a property set, modify values in a property set, and synchronize the changed values back to the original instance of an integration object.

eai integration object to xml hierarchy converter in siebel

This option has its limitations, as it works only with the instances of the Order Management integration objects, e.g. SIS OM Order, PDS Order Item, or PDS Order during prototyping. In other words, the used integration object should have at least Line Item and XA components, as well as (optionally) Header integration component.

The implementation contains both external and internal integration objects, datamaps, xslt transformations etc. The goal is to expose this webservice to the other systems via REST protocol and not to reimplement all complex business logic. The XML contained external XML reflected in the external Integration Object, during the processing in the workflow was mapped to internal integration object and upserted to the Siebel database.

The Oracle Siebel CRM IP2019 introduced REST capabilities, but they do not yet map the known patterns such as convert json inputs into integration object hierarchy. Until Siebel IP19.5 we couldn't make it work. We decided to make generic approach and expose REST service and internally convert the json input into external integration object hierarchy, which is passed to the existing workflow. So for every existing inbound SOAP Webservice we just implment business service and wrapper workflow, which converts the json into input needed of existing implementation.

2. Define any needed flat mandatory attributes under this method. The structure with the attributes for the activity, which is converted into integration object , put under parent such as parameters in the bellow example.

The primary integration object for the report. The Primary Integration Object field is automatically populated when you select an integration object in the Report Template Integration Object list. This field is read-only in the Report Template Registration list.

Like already proposed by @ftrujillo if you use the Spring Jaxb2Marshaller, you can set the packages to scan. In some cases, if there is a more sophisticated XSD model with inheritance or have just more wide spread model, there could be a problem to get the information in the class hierarchy which packages to scan, then you can use the scan of the object hierarchy. In such case I took the advantage of the following function, handling the plain POJO hierarchy (I believe it could be possibly enhanced for non-simple POJO):


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