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ok i have seen dell inspiron 1501 laptops on here a few times. i am helping a friend. and noticed that no one has answered the call. there is no disket drive. this model comes with a rightable dvd drive put i notice he does not have it. so no cd or disk drive will work. witch leaves usb. i did remove the nickel size battery on the mother board it is under the keyboard easy, carefully popped the cover over the power button/hinges and unscrewed the keyboard and poped it out of place. pushed battery carefully to the heavy side of the plastic and lift and it fell out of place. anyway i called dell and they charge. i have been reading googled. and found out they give you a maser password from the information that comes written on your laptop. i would use a software to crack it except the few i found are questionable at best or charge. there are no jumbers to reset and leave very few options to recover from any of the bois password lock outs. i am not paying the fellow if i mess this up so shorting out anything is out of the question. i get that idiots out there steal and such. so i guess if i am to get the answer i have to pay and pass the buck or let go of this one. my puplic email is

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hi i have few suggestions on all of these matters first of all bios password removing is almost impossible in most cases because we are not all expert programmer when i had a problem with one of the laptops i used a program called bios password remover had to be used on boot up which i think is the best way to crack a bios password but in one of the laptops it crashed it i took it to a repair shop they told me it is not fixable anymore then i took it home taken it a part i took out the processor chip and turn on the laptop it made few noises i turned it off and put back the processor chip back and turned it on again guess what no bios password and laptop is still working still i wont advice anyone to do all that unless you are willing to lose your laptop for good lets get back to the windows password there is few ways i know how to bypass that it is all tryed and tested on lots of laptops so i am talking from experience1.if you are worried about loosing your stuff on the hard disk take it of then plug it in external reader which costs around 8 pounds transfer all your files at another computer then put your hard drive back and install new windows on it here you go2. you can install windows vista if your system is capable vista keeps your files on place called an old windows get your files out re-format with any windows you want format all old windows so they dont keep extra space on your hard drive this works with windows 7 is welli hope this helps

In a "home" network it's happier to let you talk to other devices that are in the same home. But if it thinks you are on a "public" network (at a coffee shop) then it really expects to let you talk to the open internet... but NOT to local devices on the network (the idea is that it's trying to protect you from malware ... e.g. if a malicous hacker has something on that network trying to crack your PC's security). 350c69d7ab


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