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Everyone has to start from somewhere

Be mindful of how you judge your team
Everyone was an apprentice once

Leadership is tough, we know this.

However, what about our team, our people....

After all, we have heaps of experience and often see things as easy.... but what about our team members?

Perhaps this is the first time they have tried something, or they are still getting the hang of it.

What we perceive as easy, may still be challenging and difficult for them.

Let me give you an example, when you were learning to drive, did you find it difficult?

All the pedals, gears, mirrors, indicators, other road users, traffic lights, roundabouts, speed limits, rules of the road, laws to obey etc....

Perhaps you were taught initially by a parent or family member, did it end in arguments and frustrations?

Possibly.... buy why?

Because the person teaching you thought it was easy and hadn't taken into account you were learning and developing a new skill, and that is where the frustration and arguments started.

As a Leader we need to recognise and understand that others have different learning styles and paces...

Have this in the back of your mind next time you are judging the performance of a team member

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