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How are you leading the generations in your team?

As a Leader are you even aware of the differences in the generational needs of your team?


Are you the type of person who brushes it off and says things like "millennials are just entitled kids who need to get in the real world"?

Each generation has been brought up in different environments and those environments have impacted the way that they manage their expections, the way that they do things, and the perspectives they have.

Leaders are adaptable, agile, aware and know this.

Bosses, managers and supervisors are not....

Leaders will connect differently with each of their team because they have the awareness, the emotional intelligence and foresight to know that this is the best way to maximise the person they are connecting with.

Bosses, managers and supervisors will connect at one level, their level and generally don't give a shit if they are connecting or not.

Leaders want their team to have a great experience, to have fun, to learn, to grow, to celebrate their victories and to work through the struggles together.

Bosses, managers and supervisors.... don't give a shit as long as the KPI / target is hit and they don't get in trouble with their Boss, Manager or Supervisor.

I hope you can start to see the stark difference between a Leader and the Bosses, Managers and Supervisors of yesteryear....

Times are changing, and if you are not keeping up and you are not upskilling, you will left of the "slag heap" of the industrial age as the information age surges forward and Leaders become the powerhouse of businesses.

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