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How to Overcome Failure

All Leaders Fail
Accepting, learning and overcoming failure

For every action, there are some consequences. We identify achieving the goal, towards which we were working, as a success. While not being able to achieve is identified as a failure. However, there are no binaries in life, there exists a grey area, where you will find strength.

Our life is filled with moments where we experience great things, sometimes these experiences are neither great not entirely bad, and sometimes we feel that all hope is lost. However, most of the time, we continue to move on, we muster all our courage and we move forward towards the next step.

But there are times when you cannot find any strength, the sense of failure weighs too much to gather yourself. In this blog, we will try to put some ideas out for you that may help you out when such a moment comes into your life.


The first step to overcoming failure is to accept it.

This does not mean that you give in to the idea that you are worthless, rather you should accept that failure is what makes you human. While many people around us may seem perfect, nobody is. Everybody carries their baggage.

You need to accept that you are just a human and that failure is a part of life, not the end of it. Life is made up of all sorts of different experiences, and failure is one sort of it. To live your life, you must accept that you will face failures.

Acceptance will take you one step further in overcoming failure.

Learning from Your Experiences

Good or bad, success or failure, every experience has something to teach us.

Give yourself the space to learn from these failures. Once you have accepted that it is alright to fail, you can now objectively figure out what went wrong.

It is imperative to move forward that you take lessons from your failures. Numerous historical achievements came about only after hundreds of failed attempts.

The scientific approach says that you should dissect each experience and see what caused what and how can you improve on that. It is perfectly fine to get emotional and to feel incompetent at the moment, but to overcome your failures it is important that you don’t dwell on these mistakes.

It is quite common to start blaming yourself and thinking that you could have avoided this failure if only you had been more mindful, or not done a simple and stupid mistake.

However, you should realize that what is done is done, and while it is good that you have identified what the problem was, you should now improve on it rather than beating yourself up about it.

Move Forward

If you let your failures stop you from moving forward, you will never be able to achieve the next great things in life.

Once you have learned from your mistakes and failures, it is time for the practical application of the lessons learned.

This goes for any kind of failure or experience, be it related to your studies or your work life or even your love life. There is a lot ahead of you that awaits you, all you have to do is brush the negativity off of yourself and get up.

We acknowledge that this is all easier said than done, however, one must always try to stay as mindful as they can and keep trying.

One moment at a time, take things at your own pace. It is ok to feel sad, disheartened and broken, it only makes you human.

Another great thing about great humans throughout history is that they never gave up and never gave in to their failures.

You can overcome your failures; all you need is you.

Finally to help you with the perspective of failure here is a Podcast that will put more language around failure – “Fear of Failure vs Love of Failure

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