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Leaders are not born, but they do die

Leaders are not born.... they are a product of development and growth...

However, just like everything in this life.... Leaders do die.

Leaders will leave a trail of growth, development and a legacy that will mean that their impact will live on for a long time.

Bosses, Managers and Supervisors will leave no such legacy, because they are only interested in their own development, what they can get from the system and people, how can they benefit and climb the ladder.

As I said at the start.... Leaders are not born, they are a product of development and growth.

So, what are you learning at the moment, what are you sharing with others, how are you helping others grow and develop?

Because if you are not doing anything.... you are a Boss, a Manager or a Supervisor...

And if you don't like that realisation.... you can choose to become a Leader at anytime.


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