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Leadership is Changing, are you keeping up?

Leadership is changing....

The old archaic bosses, managers and supervisors are dying out... they are still very much about and in the workplace, but they are being overtaken and replaced with the more agile, adaptable modern day Leader.

You can tell the difference between the industrial age thinkers and the modern leaders...

This image is a great example...

If you are reading it and thinking "what a load of bullshit, my team work for me" then you are one of the dinosaurs

If you are still in denial and you are thinking.... "new age, hippy, bullshit" you are definately one of the dinosaurs...

If you even have a fleeting thought of either of those responses, you are at risk.

May I suggest that you start upgrading your Leadership skills and principles... because soon, you will be overtaken and left on the discard pile to rot away until retirement.


RAW Leadership

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