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“Nipping it in the Bud”

Why Nip in the Bud?

It happens so often that we come across situations that do not appear to be very complicated initially, but as we stop looking after them, they start to look as big as Ben Hur (pun intended).

As is the case of life issues, when we stop addressing them on time, they become more and more twisted until they are unsolvable.

Perhaps you might wonder why things become worse, maybe because you didn’t nip them in the bud at the right time.

Boundaries are essential in life as they direct us whether or not to do what we are about to do. They also tell us that we need timely action to reign the unwanted repercussions, but with grace and humility.

Human behavior is just like the junk folder of your inbox. If you leave it be without sweeping, it keeps on filling with the unwanted items and spams that become a headache when you see “space unavailable” pop up on your screens.

Cleaning our heads from distractions is crucial if you want to improve what has gone wrong.

Eradicate the root cause of any problem
Nipping it in the Bud

How to Nip in the Bud?

1. Address the Unaddressed

The first step is to admit and address what’s unaddressed. Bring up the issue and highlight the points that need clarifications – the bottleneck of the problem.

The main reason for the problems to recur is their avoidance. Hence, addressing the issues at the right time will halt them from going off the road. So, control them before they turn into a routine.

2. Be Polite

Don’t become confrontational, neither go against the grain; be polite and graceful. For example, if you notice your colleague come late at work persistently, mentor them politely and gracefully, and make them understand their limits without inducing any conflicts.

If they do not understand, tell them about the consequences they might face for getting late every day, but in a friendly tone.

3. Offer Solutions

Understand the reason that made your colleague late repeatedly. Perhaps they might be doing parental responsibilities alone or having some relationship issues.

Offer them your sincere help and solutions that might help them overcome the habit of getting late. A piece of friendly advice can help someone get through difficult times.

4. Nip in the Bud

After doing everything you could, if they still don’t understand, nip them in the bud. Disassociate yourself and tell them their limits that they might lose their job if the management finds out about their misconduct.

Sometimes, nipping things in the bud becomes essential to avoid severe repercussions due to negligence and constant avoidance.

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