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People leave people - fact

They don't leave the job, they leave you
People leave people

They are leaving you.....

Do you ever ask yourself why?

Or do you just "cuff it off" and say they didn't belong here anyway....

Good riddance to them?

Because if you don't ever ask your why..... there is a very, in actual fact, extremely high chance that it will keep happening?

The underlying question I have for you is this....

At what cost?

Statistically it costs one third of the positions annual salary to recruit and train someone to fill the vacant position..... In reality, the cost is much higher.

Can you business, company, team.... sustain this cost and this is just the monetary cost, we have not mentioned the impact on the mental wellbeing of the team due to extra work, new people arriving, the uncertainty caused by the other person leaving, the ripple effects of it all through them and into their families?

And all of this is caused by you... the Leader and your arrogance, because you believe they are leaving the team, the position, the job, the culture..... but you won't for a second consider that it is because of you....

Well, I am here to tell you that it is because of you.... Because you are responsible for the culture, the team, the feel of the work place, the job.... You as the Leader are responsible for all of that and so much more.

So, step up and reflect on your skills, your soft skills as a Leader..... what are you doing well, what are you doing not so well, what are you turning a blind eye too, what have you lost focus of because you are so busy, what are you saying doesn't warrant your attention.

Every thing that happens in our lives teaches us something... the question is, are we humble enough not only to realise this, but to actually seek out that lesson and learn from it?

Because if we are not..... are we truly a Leader?

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