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Wake the fcuk up

Wake the F Up
Bare minimum approach

Bosses - Wake the fuck up!!

You may think you are helping your teams with online trainings, but they are bullshit, they are boring and in most cases.... irrelevant.

This is what happens, you think to yourself.... "I need to provide some more training for my team"

Then you look into professional training and realise that it is expensive (probably because you are going to the big corporate providers who have teams of trainers and have no idea about how personalise the training)

So you look at an online version, cheaper and easy to manage... so you say "that will do"

Then you get it all set up and tell your line managers that you want their teams to do the training and you tell them why and you set the deadline for everyone to have it done by.

The line managers are only hearing, the boss wants us to get the team to do this training and it needs to be done by "xyz"

They skip the bit about why it is important, to them it is just another KPI to be hit.

So they go to everyone on the shop floor and tell them "the boss wants you do this training and we have to have it done by "xyz" and they lean heavily on the team to get it done because they don't want to be the line manager who is saying their team still haven't completed it.

The team members sit down in front of a screen with the mindset of "why the fuck am I doing this, I am busy meeting real KPI's" and they rush through the training to complete the vote for joe test at the end and eventually, after a couple of goes get the 80% pass mark, print off their certificate and hand it to the line manager.

The line manager then gathers all the certificates and produces them triumphantly to the boss.

The boss then thinks "cool, look what a great thing I have done in training my staff, aren't I a good boss, now lets sit back and watch production increase because I have trained and invested in my staff"

When in reality, you have only wasted even more time and money, because you chose the cheapest and easiest option, rather than looking for a highly skilled trainer, who can tailor training to your specific team needs and is willing to provide full support over a long period of time.

If this is what you do, well done, you are a Boss.

If you seek out the highly skilled trainers, put your hands a little bit deeper in your pockets, knowing your team will benefit both personally and professionally and you know that eventually the bottom line will increase so much that the training is not expensive at all..... then congratulations - you are now a Leader.

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