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How can I foster a positive workplace culture?

Believe it or not, it’s very easy for people to become and dwell on the negative. You need to look no further than reviews of the company or products online to see the reality of this. People love to find the flaw in something, no matter how much good there is in it.

This is one of the biggest challenges for leaders. They must understand that employees will go toward the negative quickly, especially if joined in chorus. A mob mentality forms rapidly, and soon everyone believes things are going bad.

This can be detrimental to team morale, staff relationships, efficiency and growth, with people often leaving due to the terrible workplace culture that has formed. The hardest part for business owners and managers is that happens quickly and often before they can act.

For 20 years, it has become a passion of Steve Barker to study the behaviour of people. Spending countless hours researching and studying the interaction between leaders and their employees, looking for ways to improve the culture in the workplace. Revealing many questions with the most pertinent for workplace culture being who is responsible for creating the culture within the workplace?

The answer is very simple – the leader.

Companies will thrive and have the right cohesion if the leaders present drive a positive workplace culture. Those leaders who are miserable or present a negative image project it into the workplace, demoralising others and inhibiting growth. Negative people create a negative atmosphere. And positive leaders create a positive one.

As a leadership coach, Steve Barker teaches decision makers how to lead with humility, grace, passion, and positivity Working with business owners and executive to find the good in employees and business processes so that a positive atmosphere can be generated. It’s a process. And one that takes time. It involves the decision maker to have integrity, honesty, and vulnerability.

Many challenges and hardships face leaders during their tenures. But a leader must find methods that inspire employees to stay positive and continue as an employee. To believe that success is something they absolutely have a direct impact upon and contribute to.

There is no silver bullet for workplace culture. It’s forged, quenched, and forged again through a leader’s fortitude and skillset, driving their staff for success. Some leaders learn these skills through their careers, often with many employees circulated through that time.


Workplace culture is difficult to cultivate but skills to foster a positive one can be taught. Steve Barker through his behavioural understanding has developed a 12 phased course that works through how a leader can fully enhance their leadership skills to foster a positive workplace culture.

Ready for More?

Is your workplace suffering from a negative internal culture? Or are you unsure how you can stop employee turnover? Talk to Steve to express your current situation, your skills, and what solutions are available for you to begin developing a positive workplace culture.


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