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Judgement & Leadership

Everyone has an opinion on your Leadership
Leadership is judged

You only have to make one mistake in Leadership and everyone knows about it....

However, you have to do the right thing 10 or 20 times before one person even notices it.

Why do you think that is?

Ego - The Ego loves to judge

Ego in it's rawest form is a protection mechanism that all humans have and if we can position ourselves above someone else, that means we are less likely to be singled out and attacked.

So, when we do something wrong as a Leader, this opens us up to judgement by others and they will 'naturally' judge us and perhaps position themselves in their mind, above us, because they wouldn't have made such a silly mistake.

However, as Leaders, we have to make decisions and we will get things wrong, because we are human.

So am I suggesting that we stop making decisions, so we don't get judged?

No, and here is the gold in all of this.

Vulnerability, it is the key to connection.

If and when we get something wrong, we should be sharing it and asking for help to fix it and ideas to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Because when we lead with vulnerability, we are demonstrating that it is ok to make mistakes, and the best thing to do is to own them and share them immediately so it can be dealt with swiftly and hopefully avoided in the future.

This active demonstration sets the tone and culture around this, and others will feel it is ok to admit their mistakes, because we have a culture of no blame, no shame and seeking guidance and help.....

Guess what.... the bonus is that people judge less, because they don't feel threatened and unsafe.... so their ego, doesn't have to protect them through 'judgement'

What are your thoughts?


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