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Language is the Glue of our Reality

Leaders use great language
How is your language holding you back as a Leader?

From a bird’s eye view, you can observe how language weaves a dense network of communication between humans. However, upon zooming in, you will find that language also has a profound impact on your reality.

Language allows us to fully experience a sensation. Your words dictate the way you think, feel, and act. They basically shape your perspective and determine how you interact with others in any situation.

Defining Experience through Language

You can never really experience a situation just the way it is. The different words we choose to say act as filters that determine our mindset.

The kind of language under consideration here does not just include your internal chatter or the words you use while interacting with other people, but also the words you hear every day.

If you are exposed to language that reeks of negativity, your outlook on life is bound to be dim. On the other hand, staying among progressive-minded individuals is sure to keep your spirits high.

Flip Your Words

Yes, it may just be all in your head. Change your reality by transforming the language you use.

When you find yourself in a quagmire, ponder over what exactly is keeping you stuck there. Find a way out by replacing the words you use to deal with the situation.

Take a minute to think about how the word ‘frustration’ makes you feel. You are most likely to associate it with negative emotions, such as exasperation, irritation and resentment.

Simply tweak your language and replace ‘frustration’ with ‘fascination’ to flip your viewpoint. This will instil positivity and help you get past roadblocks.

Another example concerns your perception of external elements. If you think of money being ‘scarce’, you are bound to remain anxious about finances.

However, if you replace that word with ‘abundant’, you will find it easier to earn money without constantly stressing over it.

This will help you move past your worries and push you further towards your goal.

1. Do not attach labels

Avoid labelling yourself based on certain characteristics you may have.

For example, if you have a tendency to procrastinate, do not tell yourself you are lazy. You will be better able to fine-tune your behaviour patterns once you train yourself to form positive associations.

2. Refrain from absolutes

Using absolute terms to describe situations can severely limit your potential.

Words such as ‘impossible’ and ‘never’ create insurmountable obstacles even before you start treading the path.

Remember that records are shattered when individuals embark on a journey with a can-do attitude.

3. Reframe towards positivity

Orienting your language in the right direction will help you focus on your aim and prevent you from missing out on opportunities.

When you are around other people, be mindful of the language you use while interacting with them. This will direct both you and your audience towards adopting a positive frame of mind.

Language does not only shape your experiences but also plays a critical role in shaping your reality. Try transforming your vocabulary and turn your situation around.

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